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Companies lose $11k a year per employee due to bad communication.

Every message sent is a potential legal or security risk. Solve issues before your employee hits “send”. Over 90% of hacking incidents involve misuse of digital communication.

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What do our users say?

“This tool looks fantastic! Great job 🙂
I am trying different types of copy and I like the analysis it’s providing.”

Sabrina Cadini

“Use it to tailor your emails to your topic, to avoid getting caught by spam filters, and to send the right message to customers. The UI is basic (for now) but the AI is solid. It’s like a friend who rewrites your emails to suit the purpose, for free.”

Keith Lang
Fat Frog Media – Digital Marketing Agency

“I write a lot of reports and memos…this app is AMAZING for getting you back on track, you can really tweak your wording down to the bare minimum and sound like you were born to write!” Sam van Niekerk

“An excellent tool that was very helpful. Most people in Marketing would find this invaluable.”

“…a useful tool for businesses or professionals…”

“I am not native, so my English is not good enough, and for sure Cognifyd helps me a lot.” Josep A. Aliagas

“I LOVE this tool! I found it easy to use and very helpful in editing emails.”

As seen in

“If Grammarly and Hemingway App had a business-focused baby, you’d get MessagePath.”

Think of it as the editor of your day-to-day communication, making sure that 30-second reply sounds right and that you don’t spend 30 minutes wondering how to make your response better.


4 Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Work Easier – IMPACT

“Choosing the wrong words may well be one of the biggest risks in business.”

How to Defuse The Biggest Risk in Business – Laura Rittenhouse 

Contextual Intelligence

Selecting your communication category in the software impacts what feedback MessagePath will provide.

MessagePath on the Content Lab podcast

Will Murphy sits down with Liz Murphy on the Content Lab podcast to discuss AI and the future of augmented communication.


Immediate feedback on your business writing



Overall score

List of items you can fix

Document analysis

Who uses MessagePath software?

Customer Support & Customer Success

Create Happy Customers
Check your tone and text in real-time based on customer success best practices. You get a customer success communication expert in your browser.


Communicate Clearly
Check marketing and PR communication based on best practices so that your message comes across clearly. It’s like having a marketing or PR expert reading over your shoulder.


Close More
Review of your sales emails and sales templates to give optimal sales communication feedback. Make your communication more effective where it matters most – when communicating with potential customers.

Executives & HR

Lead effective teams and lower legal risks
Collaboration is driven by communication. Improve the communication of your teams. Also, all written communication is legally discoverable communication. Lower the HR and other legal risks of communication.

MessagePath, Everywhere

Get the Chrome browser extension.

Adding MessagePath to Chrome means that your written communication can be vetted in Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zendesk, and nearly everywhere else you write on the web.

Free Audit

Submit up to 10 of your customer support responses and we’ll tell you how we would have improved them.