business man working on best business software optionsBusinesses were once successful without venturing into the digital world. Of course, this is because the digital world wasn’t always around.

Today, however, every aspect of your organization is likely dependent on a computer.

In truth, whether it’s proofreading software or employee training programs, successful companies often utilize the same software suites to increase revenue and efficiency. With that in mind, here are some of the most popular business software suites.

1. Sales Cloud

There are countless customer relationship management (CRM) programs out there, but for those seeking simplicity and performance, Sales Cloud has consistently stood out. The program is from Salesforce, a company with over 150,000 customers that is listed as the top CRM out there.

Sales Cloud allows you to store your customers’ data in a single place. Sales data, contact information and marketing profiles can all be easily referenced and updated by any employee who communicates with the client. Social media can also be integrated in addition to accessing this information from mobile devices.

2. FreshBooks

If you have an accountant who feels their software is getting the job done, making a change might not be worth the effort. For those considering upgrading or handling their own books, though, FreshBooks is a top choice. It was labeled the “Best Accounting Software” in 2017 and receives consistently high reviews.

In addition to having over 5 million users, FreshBooks allows team members to easily collaborate and efficiently handle payments and tasks. You can automate everything from late fees to reminders for overdue payments. It’s impossible to detail all its functionality in just two paragraphs, but if you’re looking for the best accounting software, you likely have to look no further than FreshBooks.

3. MessagePath Writing Assistant

No matter how efficiently your organization runs from the inside, having the best software suites means little if your client messaging isn’t effective. Of course, this means you should have an app that ensures your communications are adequate. This is where theĀ MessagePath writing assistant comes into play.

Unlike traditional apps that only check for misspellings, MessagePath scans your messages and ensures you’re using current best practices, clear and effective tone, appropriate word choice and compelling copy. Your messaging to external clients can make or break your business, so it’s imperative that these communications are perfect before being disseminated.

4. LastPass

The 40-hour work week is a thing of the past. The average full-time employee puts in 47 hours a week, and small business owners are on the clock at least 50 hours. Unfortunately, sitting in an office for this amount of time can prove tedious and even detrimental to your health.

Fortunately, LastPass allows you to access your work computer from anywhere in the world. Even if you or an employee is on vacation and something comes up, it will be as if they’re sitting right in front of their desktop. You can also access your workers’ computers while away from the office.

5. Bridge Learning Management System

If you have a small internal team with no current plans to hire additional help, training may not be a huge concern. As you grow, however, teaching new employees “the ropes” can become a costly endeavor. By utilizing the Bridge learning management system (LMS), though, you can cut these costs drastically.

The program allows you to create training modules that can later be utilized for employee onboarding. It offers customizable logic, performance analytics and a quiz-building tool that can help you create and monitor your training’s effectiveness. Once your business starts growing, an LMS like Bridge is an absolute must.

Proven Business Software is Essential

From training and compliance to marketing and messaging, your company’s success largely depends on the business software suites it utilizes to get the job done. While there are undoubtedly other options out there, the aforementioned have proven themselves in an organizational setting time and again. Regardless of the industry you’re in, these programs can ensure you’re working at maximum efficiency.