how to keep marketing emails short and to the pointDo your emails bear a resemblance to that of 10-chapter long eBook with a packed-out table of contents?

There is no doubt that email marketers, both young and old, yearn for quicker responses to emails but fall short of success a lot of times.

Not getting the responses hoped for is even more discouraging.

Nobody really has the time to sift through long-winded sentences and paragraphs just to pinpoint what it is marketers want them to take a bite out of.

Consequently, long and drawn-out emails come with virtually no reaction or a sluggish response, at best.

Last month, we honed in on How to Write a Great Marketing Email. But today, we must focus on how to keep them short and sweet.

How to Get Better Responses
from Email Marketing

On the bright side – crystal clear, concise email messages come with the benchmarks you may just be looking for.

Keeping your emails condensed makes it possible for you to better your communications and boosts the likelihood you’ll receive a prompt answer in return.

Discover five simple methods you can use to keep your email message brief and up your marketing game for the better.

#1 – Improve Email Response Time
by Setting a Limit

Statistics show that marketing emails that get at least a 51% response are no longer than 75 to 125 words. A lot of us don’t realize just how few words that is.

If you have a hard time gripping the word-count, set yourself a limit with a sentence count of five. That’s right, only 5 sentences will be all you need to bump up that percentage of responses.

#2 – Proof with an
Email Marketing Editor

Just because you’ve written a short marketing email doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be edited or proofed. All writing must be checked for the following errors:

#3 – Head Back to Elementary School &
Write Like a Third-Grader

Who would’ve ever thought that writing at a third-grade level would be necessary to gain responses from marketing emails? And it’s not because our society is uneducated, it’s due to a 3rd grade reading level using shorter sentences along with simpler words.

This strategy seems to fit most people who are too busy to read overly complex marketing emails. Check your Email Writing Grade-Level here (add it to Chrome, it’s free).

#4 – Remove the Excess
a No-Fluff Way to Better Email Response Rate

There is no reason to add extra verbiage to marketing efforts just to try and soften the message. Marketers and strategists tend to do this when asking for something.

Sharpen your sentence structure! If you have 31 words in one sentence, try chiseling it down to 12-words instead.

#5 – How to Cut
the Small Talk in Business Emails

Listen – shave off the “I hope you are doing well today,” opener and cut to the chase.

If you have to add small talk, make it personal. Learn about who you are writing to, and tailor something just for them.

For example:

  • I heard about you getting your startup funding! Congrats!
  • Or – I really liked reading your article about (this subject) last week. You blew it out of the water when you said …
  • How did it go in New York?
  • Do you have any plans for the weekend?
  • Ready for a vacation?

Most importantly – write as if you are writing a friend that you know doesn’t have a lot of time.

At the end of the day, our inboxes are overflowing with massive amounts of content that none of us have time to read.