The intelligent copy editor for business.

Make every front-line employee your best brand representative

Monitor quality and compliance across your written communication. Provide algorithm-based coaching and insights.


“If Grammarly and Hemingway App had a business-focused baby, you’d get MessagePath.”

“Choosing the wrong words may well be one of the biggest risks in business.” 

Wall of Love

What do our customers say?

“This tool looks fantastic! Great job 🙂
I am trying different types of copy and I like the analysis it’s providing.”


Sabrina Cadini

“Use it to tailor your emails to your topic, to avoid getting caught by spam filters, and to send the right message to customers. The UI is basic (for now) but the AI is solid. It’s like a friend who rewrites your emails to suit the purpose.” 

Keith Lang
Fat Frog Media – Digital Marketing Agency


“The goal of all businesses is to make sales. But to make sales, you need a tool that easily allows you to draft compelling sales letter and shun expensive writers. With MessagePath, you can create a compelling sales pitch easily. MessagePath helps analyze your copy ensuring your copy is compelling enough so your prospects can reply to your copy.” – User in Financial Services


“MessagePath is virtually the most impressive proofreading and editing tool I have used recently. The platform works just fine. I love the user interface. I love the score grade system they utilize.”


“It is a brilliant text editor for professional and business purposes. It has several features that make it stand out. It gets citations on the fly. Its grammar checking ability is excellent. It’s brilliant.” – Daphne M.


“We deliver exceptional sales content to our customers and we’ve been able to drive more revenue.”


“I write a lot of reports and memos…this app is AMAZING for getting you back on track, you can really tweak your wording down to the bare minimum and sound like you were born to write!” Sam van Niekerk

“An excellent tool that was very helpful. Most people in Marketing would find this invaluable.”



“I LOVE this tool! I found it easy to use and very helpful in editing emails.”



“I am not native, so my English is not good enough, and for sure Cognifyd helps me a lot.” Josep A. Aliagas

“We are able to write effective copy which helps us close more deals.”




“…a useful tool for businesses or professionals…”




We easily draft better marketing materials and business letters with MessagePath.”

MessagePath is a nice communication tool that lets you draft clear messages for your sales post and business texts. It corrects the tone of your text and ensures it match the specific writing objective you set. From formal letter to sales letter and other forms of letters, MessagePath can be used to draft clear messages free from error and well formatted.” 



“MessagePath is amazing and filled with wonderful content features. It’s a good way to get nice and professional emails to your customers. Enhances your message content to fit proper professional tone to convince customers. Totally affordable.”