competitive advantage with business writingBusiness writing CAN give you a competitive Advantage, and in today’s competitive market, it’s important for businesses to have an advantage over competitors. A competitive advantage is what sets you apart from other businesses. While your advantage may very well be your product or service, another way to gain competitiveness is through business writing.

What is Business Writing

Business writing covers certain types of professional communication between a business and its audience. These include emails, proposals, memos, and other documents that seek to gain a response or action from the reader.

Why Business Writing is not a Commodity

Business writing is a craft, not a commodity. It’s not something that can be bought and sold, like a cup of coffee or an ounce of gold. It takes skill and knowledge to draft a quality piece of business writing. It’s not just an order to be filled with keywords stuffed here or there. And when it comes to branding your business, it’s necessary to look at business writing for what it truly is – a unique art form.

Business Writing Drives Brand Value

When you think of business writing do you also think of storytelling? If not, you should because that is what creates your brand and is how you connect with your audience. Business writing drives brand value by combining content that contains a mixture information and emotion that elicits a positive result.

Business Writing Drives Business Results by making Connections

The connection between you and your audience is what really drives results. Without the emotional connection, your audience is likely to move on. However, when you use business writing as an advantage, you build a reputation while connecting with your audience, which results in lead generation and more sales.

Business Writing Drives Sales and Support

Sales requires an abundance of communication to close the deal. Many sales people have a gift for oral communication but what about written communication? The later is what helps to drive sales through business writing. How? By incorporating the following into your writing, whether you are doing the writing yourself or you have someone do it for you, you will get results:

  • Knowing your customer
  • Knowing What You Are Selling
  • Telling Your Story
  • Writing a Compelling Headline
  • Including a Call to Action to Close the Sale
  • Making a Connection with Your Audience
  • Using Business Proofreading Software (not just grammar/ spelling check)

Business writing is its own realm of writing; it works to drive sales and support and get results through carefully crafted business documents. To learn more about how to use MessagePath to improve your communication in order to improve your marketing, customer experience, and sales, sign up today for our free product. We’ve built the online business proofreading solution that helps create your competitive advantage.