a meeting with coworkers learning how to write better while on the jobHow to improve employee business writing skills is a troublesome concern for a large number of businesses.

An employees’ ability to write accurately and transform complex information and facts into summarized, well-written business documentations offers a substantial competitive benefit. You probably already know this, or you wouldn’t be here.

All that said, learning how to improve business writing skills is not the easiest thing to do, even if you think it is. Lots of senior executives and forerunners battle with huge chunks of data and diverse information. And these guys lack the capability to extract pertinent details from mere noise and transform it into a purposeful, result-oriented message.

Are your staff members devoting a bit too much time planning, composing, and revising business documents?

Are your final documents coming with way too many errors, leaving you or your clients with poorly written work that reflects badly on business and hinders worker efficiency?

Step #1: Employee Writing and How to Help It

Prior to determining the strategy for training, the initial step is to properly evaluate your team members’ business writing skills. This involves separating the content of employee-written business documents from the phrase structure and language.

Phrase Structure

The phrase structure pertains to the content and organization of ideas in the business document. It is the essential element that differentiates a well-written report from a bad one, for example. And, by comparison, it refers to your employees’ capability to glance amounts of data and prep a summed up report using just relevant details.

Generally, there are four beneficial clues when it comes to evaluating the phrase structure of writing.

  • Match the reader’s awareness.
  • The structure must be tailored, always remembering the readers and the target market.
  • Try logically sorting in proper headings, subheadings, and bullet points.
  • The verbiage should contain an appropriate flow of concepts.
  • It should smoothly transition into appropriate thoughts and feelings.


By evaluating the content of the document will reveal inaccuracies, active and passive tenses utilized, tonality, and sentence structure. Even staff members with solid substantive capabilities can easily make phrase and sentence structure errors.

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Step #2: Employee Writing and How to Evaluate It

The moment you have evaluated your employees’ writing skill-sets, you will definitely gain precise insight about the business writing skills of your staff members and organization.

Internal Training and How it Can be Used to Boost Employee Business Writing

Teaching your personnel by yourself is a great deal of work and calls for business writing experts and support staff. Keep in mind that just because an employee is a solid writer does not imply they will be a reliable writing trainer or coach. Writing instruction involves the ability to deconstruct a document and break down the phrase structure and language.

In the event that you are going to bring a professional in-house, choose business writing coaches with expertise teaching business writing.

And remember, they will need a teaching background also, not just writing skills.

Equally important: Designate these kinds of staff members as instructors and coaches for the whole company. This should not be a secondary job responsibility.

Finally, coaching or mentoring your employees to write better on the job is crucial to communicate successfully and professionally.

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