a woman writing a really great marketing email Love it or hate it, there’s no getting away from sending email as a marketer. There’s just not.

Email continues to provide a reliable platform for marketing every day for all kinds of corporations, businesses, and small business owners. It’s part of the daily grind. Promoting and selling products and services is what keeps money in the bank, right?

To make significant progress through email marketing, you need to draft your emails precisely in such a way that they appeal the recipient. Most organizations send emails with plenty of misprints, thereby confounding the entire process.

Make Better Profits Writing Killer Marketing Emails

One of the common blunders most marketers make is sending cold–emails to potential customers. Lifeless. Boring. Cold. Emails.

Energy is crucial, guys.

Let’s get started. So, do you want to experience profit upsurge for your business through email? Do you want to learn better writing? Well, take a shot at some simple tips that will help get rid of those mistakes in your writing. Unfortunately, these errors are stopping you from getting the most out of pitch emails.

Top Tips for Better Email Writing

Pointer #1 – Identify your Target Audience

Fortunately, there are ways to make grab emails likable, appealing. Identifying relevant companies and people to send the email can also be done.

For example, if the service you are offering best suits people within a certain age bracket, sending an email to the others not in that exact bracket will bear no fruits. You gotta think smart.

Pointer #2 – Write a well-defined subject title

Write a killer subject line. Smash it. You should be aware that the company or person you are sending the email to, may have little or no information on your product or service. In fact, they might not even be interested. The subject line of the email needs to be attention-grabbing.

  • We Have This in Common
  • Don’t Do It
  • I Was Right
  • Are We Still On?
  • Rough Day?
  • Can I See You Soon?

Before firing off another sales and marketing email, confirm that the subject line is short. Get to the point and be direct. Be persuasive.

Pointer #3 – Avoid Rambling

The worst you can do to a pitch email is talk aimlessly, with no real goal. Get to the point without lollygagging around. The body of your marketing email shouldn’t lose the reader’s interest. Capturing their concentration is vital.

Don’t let your reader get bored. And leave out the unimportant details.

Pitching via email is all about gaining the attention of the receiver, and thus you cannot afford to lose their interest.

Writing Better Paragraphs Could Predict the Future

And let’s hope in a good way. Follow these steps for a brighter future with sales and marketing emails:


The first paragraph should be introductory and short; you can start with a salutation. Stating how you learned about them. Was it through social media? Did they give you an email address to receive an eBook?


The second paragraph should give the reader your intent.

Information about your product or the service you are offering, is a great way to introduce and educate. Don’t fall short.

And remember, paragraphs should always be composed of two to four sentences, and nothing more than that. Remember that you are advertising. Don’t describe your product in the second paragraph. Keep it short and sweet.


The last paragraph contains information on a short review of the product. Don’t use more than three sentences here.

  • Include the product’s price.
  • Explain the benefits.
  • Comment on the value they bring to you. Give your potential customer the VIP treatment.
  • And, of course, you’ll want to thank your recipient.
  • Give your praises (and others, too). Don’t be afraid to share a snippet or two of reviews.

When to Follow Up on Marketing Emails

To sum it up, it is advisable to do a follow up some few days after sending the pitch email. It is important to note that not everybody will be interested in your emails.

Don’t shy away on this last step.

Remember – just like anything having to do with business and sales, it’s a numbers game.

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