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In business, words matter. A lot.

Employees spend 1/3 of their time on written communication.
We make that time count.

We’re Cognifyd: raising $500k pre-seed for AI augmented business communication

Cognifyd proofreads business communication to make it more effective. (Based in Palo Alto)

We’re approaching a big market with a new solution.

Product (Private Proof of Concept Link)

  • Online proofreading editor checks for communication best practices, tone, and other nuances that make business communication more effective for all customer-facing employees
  • Browser extension lets us assist across multiple business SaaS applications
Who cares?
  • We help Sales, Marketing, Support, Business Development, HR, and executives create more effective/ on brand communication
  • We help Legal, PR, Security, and Customer Service lower communication risks
  • We use AI and proprietary heuristics to create a new type of product
  • $12B TAM in just the US market based on 33+ million available customer-facing employees
  • Just released demo – 100+ signed up
  • Recruited 2 advisors (one AI, one brand advisor)
  • 3 companies indicated interest (representing 170+ seats)
  • Need pre-seed to implement MVP and raise a seed round
  • Will Murphy (Me), Business Co-Founder: Innovation leader, AI, blockchain, IoT executive and entrepreneur
  • Rick Yost, Tech Co-Founder: Executive tech and operational leader, experienced entrepreneur, full-stack developer, Ex-Airborne Ranger

Click here for the deck if interested in more information. (Downloadable, no password needed)

Let me know if this interests you as an investment and I’d be happy to connect however you prefer.


Will Murphy
Co-Founder, Cognifyd
[email protected]

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