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Business Teams

Get noticed

MessagePath is constantly updated with the latest best practices for sales and marketing communication. Your text will be checked against the patterns that will make you more successful. Get your message through.

Get through spam filters

MessagePath reviews for spam terms so that your communication is less likely to be labeled as spam.

Words sell

MessagePath scans your words and phrases that will weaken your sales or marketing pitch.

It’s not only what you say, it’s how you say it

MessagePath gives feedback on the tone of your communication to give you insight into how your communication will impact the reader.

Expert support text

MessagePath looks for ideal wording and phrasing based on best-practice rules to create better customer service communication.

Word appropriateness

MessagePath looks text that might not read well for customers. Nuanced language and legal risks are scanned.

Watch your tone

MessagePath gives feedback on the tone of communications that would help or hurt customer communication.

Word choice matters

MessagePath scans your words and phrases that will weaken your support communication.

Lower security & legal risks

All written text is legally discoverable text. MessagePath scans your communication for problematic language that could create HR or other legal communication risks in the future.

Internal efficiency

Companies can lose up to $11,000 per year per employee from ineffective internal communication. MessagePath helps teams communicate with each other better.

Administrative control