1. Fill in (type or paste) the subject/ title
  2. Fill in the body text
  3. Choose a communication type (General business, Marketing, etc.)
  4. Press Analyze
  5. Make changes if you want
  6. Press Analyze again
  7. Repeat until you like what you see
  8. Optional: Press the Gmail icon to populate email

Communication types

General Business

This category is for general business communication like a general business email where you aren’t trying to sell anything (for example).


This category is for sales communication (like a sales email) that is meant to be short and goal-focused on a call to action.


This category is for marketing communication that is designed to persuade. The copy may be longer than a sales email (for example).

Customer Support

This category is for customer support communication that is meant to optimize customer experience while responding to a support issue.

What is this?

The online proofreading editor built for business.

Cognifyd checks for hundreds of communication best practices, tone guidelines, and other nuances that impact the way you look to your customers. We use proprietary heuristics and Artificial Intelligence to make your communication more effective.

Who cares?

  • Individual business people
  • Business teams
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Business Development
  • Executives

What’s next?

  • Browser extension
  • Business proofreading for teams
  • More advanced NLP
  • Stay tuned

Contact Us/ Feedback

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Note: This is an Beta release. We’re releasing this early release for the enjoyment of our early adopters and for feedback. It isn’t meant to be relied on. It is built for everyone to test.

The quality of the product will vary and it might go down sometimes as we fine-tune it.