man running marathon to build endurance and improve business writingBusiness Writing Improvement Skills bears a resemblance to that of a hot summer day while running a marathon. When the run is over, and the line is crossed, you immediately gain an immense reward.

Recognizing the skills needed to obtain you the best business writing skills could put you in line for more work, more money, and a busier career.


Three great tips can be utilized when tracking your business writing statistics. These tactics will undoubtedly boost your writing and reach your objectives.

Tip #1 – Sensible Assumptions

In some cases, we authors set rigid expectations such as “This post must take no longer than half an hour!” or “Crafting a 15,000-Word eBook  should take no longer than a few days!”

Having reasonable assumptions with just how much you can achieve on a business writing task is vital in productive writing. Even better, you will be able to start relying upon how long it takes for you to complete a project. This way, you’ll have the ability to prepare in advance and manage time better for clients.

Refine Your Skills by Tracking Your Time

Every time you sit down to write, track your time!  By doing this, you will begin to find it easier to set time-frames for clients appropriately, so they have an idea on what to expect.  Likewise, you will develop a knack for better time management when writing daily emails, thesis’ for school or other tasks.

If you are billing for your content writing, understanding your standard writing rate will undoubtedly aid you with your effort to make a living through business writing services. If you don’t get this right, you will end up losing money. The goal here is to write as fast as possible so you can land more jobs; otherwise, it won’t be worth your time.

Needless to say, it merely feels demotivating when breaking any kind of ground seems impossible, due to slow speed, missed deadlines, and other jobs piling up that you can’t seem to get to.

Tip #2 – Practice Makes Perfect

Turn it into a game. Tracking your time just might get addicting just like those people who are hooked to their digital pedometers. So if you work at it long enough, reaching your word goals can feel rewarding and inspiring. Lots of writing jobs can take hours, days, weeks or months. The longer your project, the longer it will take, especially if it involves eBook writing or manuscript ghostwriting. Practicing reaps perfection, or as close to perfect as you can get.

Establish Habits

Establish an everyday writing habit, capturing a specific amount of words. And if you get really good at it, you’ll be able to identify how many words in a half or full days’ time that you can write. Whether it be  300, 500, or 1,200 or 10,000 words – you will be able to stay on track with how many words you can write on a daily basis.

Tip #3 – Stay Determined

A useful technique for remaining determined, as well as making progress is establishing clear objectives, is so that you understand precisely what you are capable of with your business writing ventures.

Build Your Endurance

When running marathons, building endurance means everything. Otherwise, you can’t cross over that finish line. With business writing, building endurance means everything. Otherwise, that objective of X words each day, or publishing to your blog site two times a week or completing a manuscript by a specific day is unattainable – when job after job comes knocking at your door.

Much like you would certainly consider building stamina before attempting to run a marathon, you must track your progression with business writing so you recognize just how close you are to your objectives.

Improving your business writing ventures doesn’t stop at running marathons. Use this free tool. It will change your life.